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Ollie and Sasha in steamy unscripted girl boy action

Abby Winters Sasha
Ollie treats Sasha to some oral and anal play as she licks and sucks his stiff cock. It’s nice to see anal sex done like this, the Abby Winters way, without the roughness we see in the mainstream. I thought amateur couple Sasha and Ollie made a really hot shoot. Certainly something for everyone’s taste in there including anal sex. Sasha has nearly 5 hours of video (14 videos) and 884 images in 6 image sets to download at the moment. The Abby Winters girl boy shoots are awesome and remember there’s videos!

Real amateur couple Aletta and Harald

Abby Winters Aletta and Harald
The look in Aletta’s eyes when she’s hunting her prey is smoky, intense, and erotic. Also, I love the storyline, which is (to me) much more arousing than the typical “I’m home, let’s screw” approach. Abby Winters idea of girl boy shoots is to feature real couples and it’s time for the lovely Aletta to show us what she can do with a dude. She’s had explicit lesbian sex with a lot of the other Abby Winters girls and there’s loads of videos and pics to prove it. Remember to check out the videos of these two in hardcore action. Those red panties look sensational hugging Aletta’s awesome curves.
Check out the other free galleries of Aletta here on (including explicit girl on girl with several girls)
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Ally finger banging Charly in the bath tub

Abby Winters Ally and Charly
18 year old Ally and Charly in the bathtub together is one of my all time favorite Abby Winters girl girl shoots. Dark haired Ally gets talked into the bath with Charly and then gets this busty young Australian girl to finger fuck and lick her clit. Ally looks a little red in the face about doing this but soon gets into it. Perhaps this was Ally’s first lesbian experience. She certainly knew that Charly liked two fingers in her cunt or perhaps Charly told her to do it. Remember these are only low quality promotional images.
All of Ally and Charly’s videos and pics are here →

Spanish lesbian sex with Carmina and Claudia

Abby Winters Carmina and Claudia
Two Spanish girls take a camping trip and go down on each other. Abby Winters Carmina and Claudia team up for some explicit girl on girl starting with the girls pissing in the field. Both look awesome fully clothed, Carmina in her shorts and Claudia in her pantyhose and its so nice to see them making out in daylight. Check out the video! Abby Winters Carmina has (at the time of writing) nearly 13 hours of videos (51 videos) and 4,219 images in 15 image sets and Abby Winters Claudia has over 7 hours of videos (12 videos) and 1,858 images. Both of these nude Spanish girls have done explicit Abby Winters girl girl with other amateur models and masturbation videos laying alongside other girls in the Intimate Moments section. Enjoy!
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Janie toys her pussy on the floor

Abby Winters Janie pics
Janie lays on the floor and toys her young pussy with one of her favorite toys. She has several other image sets at Abbys including a group nudity when she and the girls strip off on an Australian beach. A reminder that this Aussie babe is a real amateur posing for fun and some extra cash and not a porn star wannabe. There are 6 videos and 1,173 images in 5 image sets of Janie at the moment. Do a search for more free Abby Winters pics of Janie here on
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Sexy Aussie girl next door Liv

Abby Winters Liv pictures
Pretty girls like Liv definitely need to be seen naked on the Internet. Sexy Aussie girl next door Liv has cute little breasts, a tight butt, and a hairy beaver – woohoo! Another one for the nature-lovers. And I see that she gets a bit “excited” during a photoshoot. Seeing the closeups of the lovely Liv and being intrigued by her exited state, I had a look through the ‘girly-cum’ category at Abby Winters and was surprised how many of them were ‘wet’ during the shoot.
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Naked German girl Zena toying her pussy

Abby Winters Zena pics
Naked German girl Zena has a great personality and an awesome body. She has a cute face, toned figure and tight butt. Small killer breasts and shaved pussy. She’s a first timer and has to have a drink before toying her pussy. What a girl! I really enjoyed her close up pictures and her video. Check out her dressing room pictures and how great she looks in tight jeans.
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Nude Belgian girl Arienne is perfect

Abby Winters Arienne pics
Arienne is AW perfection!!! Just beautiful. What a heavenly body and angelic face. Dark eyebrows and a young hairy pussy. Oh man, I could spend hours down there. These French and Belgians sure know how to do sexy. Arienne’s video surpasses even her outstanding stills set – charisma, presence, whatever you like to call it, this new sex goddess has got it!
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Janie plays with her pussy on the kitchen table

Abby Winters Janie pics
Whenever I see girls in long white shirts I instantly remember a Michael Caine film called ‘The Ipcress File’ where a girlfriend walked around like this. I think it so erotic and to see 19 year old Janie like this gives me an instant boner. Janie has several other image sets at Abbys including a group nudity when she and the girls strip off on an Australian beach. A reminder that this Aussie babe is a real amateur posing for fun and some extra cash and not a porn star wannabe. There are 6 videos and 1,173 images in 5 image sets of Janie at the moment. More free Abby Winters pics of Janie on – do a search.
All of Janie’s pics and videos are here

Maya from Brooklyn posing nude in Australia

Abby Winters maya
Nude chick from Brooklyn on a skateboard. Now thats hot! Maya is from Brooklyn, USA. This college giirl was backpacking around Australia and she agreed to pose nude for Abby Winters and make some extra cash. She also did an explicit girl on girl with Petria. Maya has a great body with a natural bush, puffy nipples and a killer smile. Whatta gal! She has 9 videos and 7 image sets to download at Abby Winters – where real girl next door models undress, show all and some do more!
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Llewellyn is very natural with a sexy bush

Aby Winters Llewellyn
Llewellyn, you’re very nice and natural. I love your perfect body and your sexy bush! The perfect girl in the office to keep all the guys coming to work on time and looking our best. Beautiful, desirable, and just possibly within reach. Check out her video. I have reviewed her videos two days ago and I must say I was impressed by this lady.
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True amateur Rebekah is a natural beauty

Abby Winters Rebekah
Amateur model Rebeka is a natural beauty. Dark hair, fair skin with freckles, gorgeous eyes, full breasts and a slim athletic build. Rebekah looks absolutely flawless. I’d say she was air brushed, but I know Abby Winters doesn’t do that. Truly natural beauty. Wow. I’ve been looking forward to Rebekah’s solo after seeing her girl-girl shoot with Carly (pics on
All of Rebekah’s pics and videos →

Naked guitarist Toni B

Abby Winters Toni B
Toni is as adorable (and cute, and sexy, and pretty, and ravishing, and…) as ever. Listening to Toni talking about casting off her “goody-two-shoes” image for a “bad girl” image in the videos was a bit unexpected by me but it certainly make me sit up and listen to every word. Toni has 10 videos in 6 image sets including a nude girl on girl outdoors. Do a search for more Toni B here on including the nude girl on girl outdoors in the park.
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Aussie amateur Larissa gets naked in the stadium

Abby Winters Larissa pics
Larissa with her sorta nerdy good looks gets naked in the stadium. She’s one of the many amateur models at AW posing nude whilst wearing her glasses. There’s others having a girl on girl wearing their glasses (Gretchen, etc.). Love the full frontal nudity and the sun tan lines. Pubes too and a nice pair of breasts and I love her little white socks. Some don’t like that but she can keep them on for me.
Download everything on Larissa here →

Office colleagues Kylie and Chloe

Abby Winters Kylie and Chloe pictures
Chloe’s got a huge crush on a colleague and for the past months she’s had the torment of sitting behind Kylie, lusting after her and not being able to act on it until now! A fantastic GG with 2 hot girls. Kylie’s arm must have been close to cramping with Chloe’s demands for “harder harder” but surely worth it for the orgasm. There’s an awesome video to go with the pictures. Both girls have lots of solo, girl-girl and intimate masturbating image sets and videos to download at Abby Winters. Do a search on this website for more free Abby Winters pics of Chloe and Kylie (check out her hard core shoot).
All the Chloe and Kylie videos and pics are here

Abby Winters behind the scenes pictures

abby winters backstage pictures
Abby Winters behind the scenes pictures. A popular place was the Australian beach. Many of these girls had never been naked in public before. But the all female team made them relaxed and willing to show more than they thought they would. Plenty of backstage pictures on Abby Winters and free on
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Kirra tries oral sex on Carla

Abby Winters Kirra and Carla
I can’t believe that Kirra was into explicit girl on girl. But here she is with pretty Carla. Finger banging and licking each others clit. Kirra is good at oral sex considering it’s her first time. (I love watching her little mouth working away). How sweet they look holding hands while Kirra eats Carla’s pussy. Carla (18 years old) has several girl-girl shoots solo and intimate moments masturbating videos. A total of 40 videos and 3,111 images in 14 image sets and Kirra has 12 videos and 735 images in 4 image sets including more girl on girl and intimate masturbating. Do a search on for some more of my galleries of these two Australian girls.
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Aussie girl Paula is an absolute stunner

Abby Winters Paula
I really like Paula, she’s a real innocent kinda gal but does love a bit of fun.This Aussie babe has a beautiful smile and her eyes are just as pretty. Sexy eyebrows. Check her out going naked in a public park and the passionate girl on girl including Chloe going down on her hairy pussy. Paula is also in the Abby Winters Yoga girls shoot. More free Paula pics here on Do a search.

Abby Winters is not like other amateur websites because it really delivers exclusive fresh faces never seen before. Some returning to appear in intimate masturbating vids or a first time lesbian experience. The action is real and unscripted and these real amateurs are filmed by other girls so the atmosphere is friendly, intimate and exciting which is why the orgasms are real.
The the Paula pics and videos →

Toni and Brooke playing in the local park

abby winters toni and brooke
Toni B’s looking like she’s dominating Brooke L and Brooke L’s looking like she’s enjoying it. Don’t think you can go too far wrong with naked women walking about the Australian bush. Check out these girls other shoots and videos. Do a search for more Toni pictures on (i.e. naked guitarist).
All of the Toni and Brooke videos →

First timer Francis

Abby Winters Francis
This is the first photo shoot of the lovely Francis. A true amateur undressing and showing off her sexy body. Short hair and little tits and sun tan lines highlighting all her private parts. Unlike a lot of the thin-thin girls, Francis looks like someone who you could really hold on to! The image set is great and Francis helps make it so. Do a search for the other picture set of this naked Australian girl on
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Isabella is a cute girl next door type

Abby Winters Isabella pictures
Isabella has such a sweet and innocent looking smile. I also like her selection of nice cotton panties. She’s got that sexy girl-next-door look that made Abbywinters the best website. Full frontal nudity exposing her natural hairy bush and lovely nipples. This 19 year old is another from the archives and you can also see her in a girl on girl with Jenny and in group nudity with five other girls. Videos and pictures to download. Check her out in the six girls shoot on She also has done a nude girl on girl with Jenny.
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Behind the scene pictures from the beach

abbywinters backstage pics
Behind the scenes pictures from Abby Winters shoots. A popular place was the Australian beach. Many of these girls had never been naked in public before. But the all female team made them relaxed and willing to show more than they thought they would. Plenty of backstage pictures on Abby Winters. Remember that all these girls have their own picture sets and videos to download on Abby Winters.
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Yarra girls pulling off each others clothes outdoors

Abby Winters Yarra Girls
Four beautiful girls by the Yarra which is Melbourne’s famous river. Abby Winters Yarra girls are Sian, Els, Jocelyn K, and Lily T and here they are fooling around on the picnic table tearing off each others clothes. Love the full frontal nudity. Sian and Jocelyn get together for a girl girl in the forest somewhere and they also do another girl on girl by the pool. Do a search by or join Abby Winters and download the videos.

Anastasiya is an American knockout!

abby Winters Anastasiya
She has a lovely smile and amazing blue eyes and I love girls who wear panties that don’t really hide anything. An awesome video starting with Laura and Nichole joining Anastasiya before her shoot. It continues with the gorgeous Anastasiya, in conversation with Michelle, with her lovely voice, accent and giggle talking about herself and her travel adventures or rather misadventures. An American girl backpacking around Europe.

Go Aletta! Go Edie! Go girls go!

Abby Winters Aletta and edie
Stunning Dutch amateur Aletta hooks up with the very sexual Australian model Edie in this very intimate and unscripted girl-girl in the bathroom. Edie and Aletta do a number of each others smooth shaved pussy, licking, fingering and finally tribbing. Check out their video and all the other girl on girl actionwith other AW amateur models. Check out Aletta’s explicit boy girl shoot pictures and videos. Plus all her other nude girl on girl action. Free Abby Winters galleries here on Do a search.

Krystin with the face angel and body of a goddess

Abby Winters Krystin
Krystin is absolutely awesome. That pose, those eyes, and THAT EXPRESSION on her pretty face. OMG. A sultry voice in her video and a thing for Hello Kitty undies, now that’s an exotic combo there. There’s lots of her to download: 15 videos and 5 image sets scattered around Krystin masturbates along and with another girl on video in the intimate section (listen to her groans) and appears in The Lingerie Girls and the Picnic Girls (do search on for my Picnic Girls gallery).
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First timer Rebecca looks nervous about posing nude

abby winters rebecca
First timer Rebecca looks a little shy undressing in front of the camera. She has beautiful blue eyes and marvelous small body. Probably having second thoughts about posing nude? But she manages to undress in front of the window (lets hope someone was outside watching) and show us her pubes. An awesome video with Rebecca talking about her feelings on nude modelling, this being her first experience.
All of Rebecca’s pics and videos →

Sophia is so lovely even with her clothes on

Abby Winters Sophia
Sophia is a fresh face with fine features, firm breast, fair skin and full natural bush. I’d go so far as to say Sophia has one of the most ideal hairy beavers on the Abby Winters website – full and furry without being wild and rambling (though that can work too) and such a lovely colour. After watching Sophia’s video, I’ve changed my mind a little bit. She’s fantastic!
More Sophia pics and videos →

Beautiful Abby Winters models undressing and exposing themselves. Many are first timers. Several return for explicit nude girl on girl action