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Aussie girl Juliet toying her pussy

Abby Winters Juliet N pictures
Aussie girl Juliette sure is amazing. Sexy girls in specs are always to be welcomed with open thighs. Juliet is a breath of fresh air. Whaddaya think about Juliet’s glasses? Do they please you? They please me! Her shaved pussy looks great and the big toy was a perfect fit. Her videos are awesome.
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Viera is amazingly beautiful

Abby Winters Viera pictures
Small breasted brunettes are a favorite of mine, so thanks Viera! She’s a living proof that you don’t necessarely need big breasts to be beautiful and attractive. Viera has a great smile, very long hair that attracts people like me, a well shaped body and a perfect bum. Also very athletic with a nice personality. Yay!! Viera’s vids are very very sexy. It must be very easy for her to get guys. What a sexy video. I love her deep voice and accent. Viera’s participation in Abby Winters Yoga Girls shoot was awesome. Total shoots: 5; 01h 33m 50s in 10 video clips; 669 images in 5 image sets.
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Karmen has such a lovely pair … of Eyes

Gee wizz – Karmen has such a lovely pair – of Eyes. What a beauty ,smiles and everything looking really great. Karmen is simply marvelous. She reminds me of Emelia, same kind of body, very sophisticated, glamourous, and a little make-up. She has a marvelous smile and could make any cover book. I loved the videos of Karmen. She is a wonderful girl with a very sexy accent! Check out her nude girl on girl with Samantha.
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Sophie T has a face like an angel

abby winters sophie t pictures
Sophie has the look of someone I would not expect to see modeling at AW – so of course I really appreciate her pics and videos. Sophie is one of my favourite models at – I’ll quickly mention her sexy voice and beautiful slim body are just two things I like about her. Great video’s Sophie T. Check out nude by the pool in Abby Winters Pool Girls. Search for some free Abby Winters pics of Sophie T.
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Rebekah gets naked in front of the window

Abby Winters Rebekah pictures
Lively and frolicsome, Rebekah takes off her summer clothes to give us an even better taste of her divine, natural hotness. Check outthis real amateur Aussie girl’s videos, up close and personal. Rebekah and Team did not disappoint! More pictures on including her shoot with Carly T.
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First timer Sarah B is a super cutie!

Abby Winters Sarah B pictures
Goodness, doggone AW has done it again! What a girl, she could not be any cuter or sexier. Sarah was very nervous for her first solo shoot but this doll like beauty takes it slow and shakes off that reservedness to deliver yet another delicious shoot of an all natural Aussie babe. I dont understand how she manages to be so perfect! Shy, sexy, Sarah is a sweetheart in her debut video.
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Louisa’s first nude shoot

Abby Winters Louisa pictures
Louisa pushes so many of my button’s. I’m in constant danger of a short circuit. What a great smile. I want to kiss her nipples! Louisa has also done some nude girl on girl shoots with Alexiah and Mary-Jane. Check out all of her pictures and videos.
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Krystin with the face angel and body of a goddess

Abby Winters Krystin
Krystin is absolutely awesome. That pose, those eyes, and THAT EXPRESSION on her pretty face. OMG. A sultry voice in her video and a thing for Hello Kitty undies, now that’s an exotic combo there. There’s lots of her to download: 15 videos and 5 image sets scattered around Krystin masturbates along and with another girl on video in the intimate section (listen to her groans) and appears in The Lingerie Girls and the Picnic Girls (do search on for my Picnic Girls gallery).
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Sophie has about the cutest face ever at AW

abby winters sophie t pictures
Sophie is another new model whose fair skin makes her a favourite of mine. I also love the big mop of hair framing her freckled face, the cute nose, her natural eyebrows, full lips and the big smile. And I think it will be a long time coming before I’m bored looking at a beautifully lithe youthful body like Sophie T’s. I think Sophie T has about the cutest face ever at AW and the videos reveal she has a really sexy voice as well so all the laughter and chat with Matilda was funny and entertaining to me. The videos only get to about ‘PG rated’ explicitness, although Sophie T’s reaction when Matilda tells her she masturbates 4 times a day is hilarious. As Matilda told us she is not a ” Dead Fish ” in bed … who would have thought she was? Total shoots: 3; 01h 03m 45s in 9 video clips; 950 images in 6 image sets. Check her out nude in the Pool Girls – do a search on
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Clarissa and Alex in a redhead girl on girl

Abby Winters Clarissa and Alex girl on girl
Clarissa and Alex get naked for an intimate girl on girl. A beautiful pair of redheads, and Alex with a bush. The only thing better than one natural redhead, is two natural redheads. Check out their videos. Alex has also done some lesbian shoots with Patience, Nadine and Julia and she is also in the Pool Girls.
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Juliette toying her pierced clit

Abby Winters Juliette pics
This set is too good for words. Juliette’s body type is exactly to my liking, and those little glances at the camera during the video were priceless. Hell, it could have been an entire video of Juliette caressing her nipples and I’d still watch every second. She reminds me of the girl in school who was so effortlessly appealing that she could wrap all the guys around her pinkie with just one look.A truly beautiful sexy shoot both stills and video. I’ve seen your vid. I have to say you and your little pink toy have given me a whole new view on the concept of ‘spooning’. JK, I always thought you’d have a voice that was just as sweet and seductive as that amazing body ~ and you didn’t disappoint. Check out Juliette in an explicit girl on girl with Lynley and the masturbation. Total shoots: 9. 3 hours 38 mins in 15 video clips. 1,384 images in 5 image sets.
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Carly and Zasha are a perfect match

Abby Winters Carly and Zasha pictures
Steamy, passionate, explicit nude girl on girl. Carly and Zasha are a perfect match. Zasha is elegant in every way. She moves with total grace and ease. I love the scenes of her on her back with her legs in the air or wrapped around Carly. Carly is a natural, effortless, and a sweet young lady. There wasn’t a lot of talking in this video, but words weren’t really needed. Both girls have done explicit girl on girl shoots with other AW models. Carly T: 16h 41m 05s in 62 video clips; 5,308 images in 26 image sets. Lots! Zasha: 13h 05m 04s in 44 video clips. 3,983 images in 17 image sets.
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Annabel opens up for pussy closeups

Abby Winters Annabel pictures
Aussie girl Annabel opens up for pussy closeups. I loved Annabel’s pictures and videos. She’s a great amateur model with that girl next door look. The girl cum at the end was a nice touch. I love the close-ups of her pussy. Annabel is definitely another of my favourite models. Check out her girl on girl videos and pictures.
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Swedish girl Miya exposes her pubes

Nude Swedish girl pictures
It’s nice to see another Swedish girl on AW. Miya is totally gorgeous and so at ease in front of the camera: just quietly confident in herself, which is lovely to see. In front of the the mirror, Miya watches herself as she runs her hands over her toned body, feeling the definition in her stomach, the curves of her hips and the softness of her pubic hair. Moving from position to position she shows her flexibility as she grabs her small breasts and pinches her small erect nipples. Very pretty woman and very nice photos. Really nice video.
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Twelve naked Aussie girls in the pool

Abby Winters Pool Girls pictures
One hell of a great pool party! Abby, you’ve done it again. The girls are fantastic. So many girls … such a small pool. Abby, If you need a pool guy to test the waters for your next shoot, I will be glad to help you out. Over 500 pictures and three videos to download plus all the solo and lesbian shoots that most of these girls have appeared in on the abbywinters website.
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Petite Lily is stunningly beautiful

Abby Winters Lily pictures
Lily F stood out for me amongst a lot of other pretty girls in the Pool Girls set with her lovely skin, perfectly perky breasts, great behind and natural bush. Lily is easily one of the hottest girls on Lily’s video is not very explicit, but a joy to watch nonetheless. Check her out in the Pool Girls shoot.
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Goddess doesn’t describe Emelia well enough

Abby Winters Emelia pictures
Emilea, a Goddess doesn’t describe you well enough, you are heaven in panties! Beautiful women are always smiling. Emelia is stunning as always – love the red glow in the hair and the curves. Wow. What more could you ask for? She is a force of nature, that Emelia. Not much more I can I say than, wow again. I find her videos very sensual. She enjoys her body greatly and Emelia has got a very sexy voice.
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Tiff and Nadine nude girl on girl

abby winters tiff and nadine
When I first saw their picture set I knew they had something special. Not just a pretty face. I waited for their videos to hear what their voices was like and her personality. When they spoke i could only smile (heart thumping). I just closed my eyes, and when they touched each other…. oh my!

Both Tiff and Nadine have several shoots including more nude girl on girl videos and pictures. Note: when search the Abby Winters website look for “Tiff” not “Tiffany”. Do a search on for Tiffany and Tiff.
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Awesome Clarissa with her wonderful body

Abby Winters Carissa pics
Carissa comes back and thankfully I get another opportunity to see this blue-eyed red-headed pale-skinned lovely lady. I must say that I really like this set. First it’s beautiful Clarissa with her great smile and wonderful body. Eyecatching. But then its a very colorful set as she plays between her wardrobe and stuff. Even this is teasing. Check out her other imge sets and videos including the explicit nude girl on girl with Alex.
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Natural beauty Carissa is a real redhead

abby winters carissa pictures
What a natural beauty Carissa is! She’s perfect and a real redhead. Carissa is a beauty and those new t-shirts are awesome, aren’t they? Gorgeous red hair, stunning eyes, winning smile……and this is just from the neck up! There’s more picture sets of Carissa including an explicit nude girl on girl with Alex T. Don’t forget the videos! Do a search for more Carissa on
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Caitin is a petite delight

Abby Winters Caitlin pics
In this sexy little shoot Caitlin can be seen rolling and stretching around on the floor in her tight denim hot pants before slowly stripping off her clothes. What an awesome body Caitlin has and looks she looks really good. I love all of her videos and pictures – check her out fooling around with Joannie outdoors. Liked her beaming smile in the stills (though none to find in the video….) Video does give a fairly comprehensive survey of Caitlin T’s tiny but terrific body. Enjoyed Caitlin T rubbing to erection her nipples in the video (and her small boobs are lovely.)
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Darcy is just gorgeous with so much personality

abby winters darcy pictures
Darcy is THE Girl Next Door! Darcy has the best body with the features of the girl you grew up beside but never had the nerve to ask her out let alone spend much time with her. What a bundle of energy – a really great video (better than great). This Australian girl has done three explicit girl on girl shoots nd I will try and ppost some free galleries on Check out her videos.
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Darcy and Anneke pleasuring each other

Abby Winters Darcy and Anneke lesbian pictures
Darcy and Anneke were well matched. Darcy is another abby winters model who almost guarantees a hot girl on girl. She’s great in the way that she really gets into these explicit lesbian shoots. Also Anneke doesn’t hold anything back. Beautiful as always but also very sensual and passionate. Two of my fave girls together – the chemistry was definately there. You girls ROCK! Check out their videos! Both girls have other explicit girl on girl with other aw models. Great set of two lovely girls pleasuring each other. I thought the videos were really hot. Anneke and Darcy looked lovely together. The before video had the girls interviewing each other.
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Phoenix and Sahara in explicit love making

Abby Winters sarah and Phoenix pictures
Aaaanyway, is Phoenix cute or what? Poor girl, once Sahara figured out how to make her cum she didn’t want to stop, heh. I liked the one where Phoenix is standing, that ought to teach her not to bend over like that in front of pretty women Good thing she didn’t fall – crash down right after. On the videos, Sahara seemed a bit less talkative in the interviews compared to her main shoot. Thank you Phoenix and Sahara for being so sexxy & beautiful. Sahara has also done explicit nude girl on girl with other models.
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Aussie girl Holly is a stunning amateur

Abby Winters Holly
Gotta say, Holly is a beauty. Hers is the finest body shape. Long, lean, small titties. Add blonde and fair and there is no better combination. Exquisite. Just exquisite. Just love the top pic and that pink skirt, thats just how I love my ladies, pretty with a bit of shape to them. That smile isn’t gonna leave my mind today.
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Beautiful Abby Winters models undressing and exposing themselves. Many are first timers. Several return for explicit nude girl on girl action