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Kirra was nervous and excited about posing nude

Abby Winters Kirra
Aussie amateur Kirra certainly is eye catching! In fact, I think I would go so far as to say that she looks super sexy. I love her hairy pussy and perfect breasts. Although she looked a little nervous, Kirra is a very natural girl and well proportioned. It did look a little cold in there, judging by the goosebumps on Kirra. Nice pussy close ups of this naked Australian girl. 19 year old Kirra has 12 videos plus image sets including masturbation in Intimate Moments and a Abby Winters girl girl with Carly and Naomi plus some behind the scenes pictures.

Carian and Gretchen are very fucking horny

Abby Winters Gretchen and Carian
Wonderful shoot, I can never get enough of Gretchen. One thing I love about her girl-girl shoots is getting to see her with and without her glasses. Her glasses bring out her expressive eyes and without her glasses brings a certain sleepy eyed softness to her facial features that is really beautiful. Carian’s nipples are spectacular, loved the sexy picture of Gretchen gently pinching them. I agree with Gretchen, Carians voice is so damn sexy, but so is everything else about that little lady. Oh, doesn’t Gretchen’s red bra looks marvelous holding her lovely breasts. It was cool when Gretchen grabbed a pillow to put under Carian’s bum, that raised her pretty pudenda up, away from the bedding to make it easier to see all the delicious cunnilingus and soft kisses that Gretchen lovingly placed around Carian’s mound of venus. Izzy asked them to describe the video in three words or less and Carian replied, “Very fucking horny”. Both girls have lots of videos and pics to download and keep on Abby Winters.

Carla and Carly are frigging awesome together

Abby Winters Carla and Carly

This is frigging awesome! Skinny Carly and Carla go all out to please each other in this unscripted girl on girl action. Tongues in mouths, clits and nipple licking. Two finger fucking in the pussy. This is a Australian lesbian classic. Both girls have sex with other models, appear in group nudity and go solo with toys. Tons to download of these two horny Aussie amateurs. Abby Winters is not like other amateur websites because it really delivers exclusive fresh faces never seen before. Some returning to appear in intimate masturbating vids or a first time lesbian experience. The action is real and unscripted and these real amateurs are filmed by other girls so the atmosphere is friendly, intimate and exciting which is why the orgasms are real.

First timer Karli takes a shower

Dutch amateur Karli looking awesome in the shower after a sweaty exercise routine. Have you ever tasted pussy in the shower with cold water gushing over it? Best drink ever. You can contact her through the AW forum where she wrote: “Hopefully you can see me in some girl/girl shoots in the future, really want to do that.” Oh man, we want you to do it too! Can’t wait to see that video.

Toni B teases us in the shower

Abby Winters Toni B
Dry or soaking wet, Toni B has one of my favorite smiles. Everything is lovely about her and I love this video. Toni has 10 videos in 6 image sets including a girl on girl outdoors.
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Janie toys her pussy on the floor

Abby Winters Janie pics
Janie lays on the floor and toys her young pussy with one of her favorite toys. She has several other image sets at Abbys including a group nudity when she and the girls strip off on an Australian beach. A reminder that this Aussie babe is a real amateur posing for fun and some extra cash and not a porn star wannabe. There are 6 videos and 1,173 images in 5 image sets of Janie at the moment. Do a search for more free Abby Winters pics of Janie here on
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Blonde Dutch Misha enjoying lesbian sex with Rose

Misha and Rose
Blonde Dutch girl Misha enjoying lesbian sex with Rose. Misha wasn’t kidding about ‘creative positions’, heh.. that’s some sturdy chair. This is an awesome girl-girl – chemistry, passion, joy and orgasms. Dark and blonde. Rudeness and intensity – as I said “awesome”. Misha has, so far, over 19 hours of video (63 video clips) and 6,692 images in 25 image sets – mostly girl on girl with several Abby Winters girls. Rose has nearly 4 hours of videos (13 videos) and 1,332 images in 7 image sets. This is her first nude girl on girl although she has masturbated along side Fae and Sahara.

Naked German girl Zena toying her pussy

Abby Winters Zena pics
Naked German girl Zena has a great personality and an awesome body. She has a cute face, toned figure and tight butt. Small killer breasts and shaved pussy. She’s a first timer and has to have a drink before toying her pussy. What a girl! I really enjoyed her close up pictures and her video. Check out her dressing room pictures and how great she looks in tight jeans.
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Aussie girl Paula is an absolute stunner

Abby Winters Paula
I really like Paula, she’s a real innocent kinda gal but does love a bit of fun.This Aussie babe has a beautiful smile and her eyes are just as pretty. Sexy eyebrows. Check her out going naked in a public park and the passionate girl on girl including Chloe going down on her hairy pussy. Paula is also in the Abby Winters Yoga girls shoot. More free Paula pics here on Do a search.

Abby Winters is not like other amateur websites because it really delivers exclusive fresh faces never seen before. Some returning to appear in intimate masturbating vids or a first time lesbian experience. The action is real and unscripted and these real amateurs are filmed by other girls so the atmosphere is friendly, intimate and exciting which is why the orgasms are real.
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Alexis fingers herself in the kitchen

Abby Winters Alexis v.
I hope Alexis will be around a long time. Oh baby you got my loyalty for life. She’s very pretty and very easy to listen to in her videos. So she flew all the way from the Gold Coast, Australia to Amsterdam – well I think it was totally worth it. Loved her breasts in all their perky puffy perfection. This is her solo shoot after a girl on girl with Nichole.She tell us a little about herself and at the end of the shoot the story of her girl on girl with Nichole. She has over an hour of videos and 470 images in 2 image sets (the second one being a girl – girl mentioned above.)
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Sexy Aussie girl next door Liv

Abby Winters Liv pictures
Pretty girls like Liv definitely need to be seen naked on the Internet. Sexy Aussie girl next door Liv has cute little breasts, a tight butt, and a hairy beaver – woohoo! Another one for the nature-lovers. And I see that she gets a bit “excited” during a photoshoot. Seeing the closeups of the lovely Liv and being intrigued by her exited state, I had a look through the ‘girly-cum’ category at Abby Winters and was surprised how many of them were ‘wet’ during the shoot.
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Carmina and Karli finger fucking each other

Abby Winters Carmina and Karli
Another awesome ” first time ever with a girl ” G/G shoot. This time it’s dark-haired beauty Karli who get’s to live out and explore her womanly fantasies with the cute, blond and bubbly Carmina who brings out a more promiscuous side of Karli…seen for the first time also. There’s lots of juicy kissing, close up pussy shoots…a total of 5 intense orgasms, some spanking and a hot tribbing scene. Awesome! Carmina is one of the prettiest faces on AW and Karli’s perfect young body is so hot! Wonderful kissing and oral sex throughout the video by these two awesome Abby girls. Blonde Spanish teenager Carmina has 69 videos (nearly 15 hours) and 4,870 images in 17 image sets (lots of nude girl on girl). Dutch amateur Karli has 20 videos (over 14 hours) and 1,500 images in 7 image sets. Both girls have fucked their boyfriends and videos and pictures can be downloaded in Abbywinters boy-girl section.
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Cleo you are so hot, hot, hot!

Abby Winters Cleo
Nice photo set, Cleo! You looked very pretty, and I also liked the mood of the room (and I want that chair!). This dark haired beauty has it all, beautiful eyes, a lovely smile, a sexy tanned body with those great fun bags and big nipples. Cleo has 60 videos and 18 image sets including several LESBIAN shoots with several other Abby Winters models including group lesbian sex in the Laudromat Girls. Instant access to Abby Winters from ($25 per month / $0.88 per day).

Spanish lesbian sex with Carmina and Claudia

Abby Winters Carmina and Claudia
Two Spanish girls take a camping trip and go down on each other. Abby Winters Carmina and Claudia team up for some explicit girl on girl starting with the girls pissing in the field. Both look awesome fully clothed, Carmina in her shorts and Claudia in her pantyhose and its so nice to see them making out in daylight. Check out the video! Abby Winters Carmina has (at the time of writing) nearly 13 hours of videos (51 videos) and 4,219 images in 15 image sets and Abby Winters Claudia has over 7 hours of videos (12 videos) and 1,858 images. Both of these nude Spanish girls have done explicit Abby Winters girl girl with other amateur models and masturbation videos laying alongside other girls in the Intimate Moments section. Enjoy!
Do a search on for more pictures of these two girls.
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Tall girl Michaela shows her pubes

Abby Winters Michaela
Tall blonde Michaela is a fantastic natural beauty with a perfect body as you can hopefully see in these pictures. She doesn’t have the girl next door look but the beautiful girl next door look. Blond, blue-eyed, fair-skinned, perfect breasts, natural bush and a captivating eyes. Oh man. She looks at least as good in the video as in the stills – which is superb. After reading of her Latvian background I don’t know why but I wasn’t expecting to hear her Aussie accent. Not that there’s anything wrong with that and she sounds sharp, articulate and charming in her video. Michaela gets nude on the beach with some others in the Sunset Girls and has 1 hour 24 minutes of video and 813 images in 5 image sets.
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Paula undresses in a public park

Abby Winters Paula

Aussie girl Paula gets undressed in a public park. Full frontal showing her hairy pussy. I really like Paula, she’s a real innocent kinda gal but dose love a bit of fun. She has such a pretty face and sweetest smile. Grace and beauty. Check out all her other image sets and videos including several girl on girl shoots and the backstage pictures. Instant access to Abby Winters from ($25 per month / $0.88 per day).

Outdoor nudity with super cute Hayley

Abby Winters Haley
No doubt that Hayley is super cute, I’d even say beautiful with a small well proportioned body.This 18 year old British girl is a pleasure to watch in her video as she goes us down a forest path removing her clothes. She has 3 videos and 3 image sets to download at Abby Winters.

French amateur couple Dominique and Oliver

Abby Winters Dominique and Oliver
French backpacker Dominique introduces her boyfriend to Abby Winters after doing some solo shoots (including and outdoor nudity and toying her pussy). She has an awesome body and has a look of someone very intent on getting and giving pleasure. It must be difficult for them to be filmed having sex because they are only a normal couple earning some extra holiday money. Check out their Abby Winters Hardcore videos along with the image sets. Instant access to Abby Winters from ($25 per month / $0.88 per day).

Ally gets a lesbo lesson from Charly

Abby Winters Charly and Ally
Ally gets a lesbo lesson from Charly. 18 year old Ally and Charly in the bathtub together is one of my all time favorite Abby Winters girl girl shoots. Dark haired Ally gets talked into the bath with Charly and then gets this busty young Australian girl to finger fuck and lick her clit. Ally looks a little red in the face about doing this but soon gets into it. Perhaps this was Ally’s first lesbian experience. She certainly knew that Charly liked two fingers in her cunt or perhaps Charly told her to do it.

Awesome Adelle spreads for pussy closeups

Abby Winters Adelle
It’s hard to tell what I like best about Adelle. Her endearing smile, her well-shaped breasts, her long legs, the lovely curves of her butt, or her delicious pussy that is shown in several close ups. Adelle is absolutely beautiful. How nice it was to hear her talking about herself with that lovely accent in her video! Considering that she said she is submissive in sex, what would it take to have her do a bondage shoot? Maybe some handcuffs, and a blindfold? Mind-blowing! Check out all of her other image sets (with videos).

Beautiful Abby Winters models undressing and exposing themselves. Many are first timers. Several return for explicit nude girl on girl action

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