First timer Rebecca looks nervous about posing nude

abby winters rebecca
First timer Rebecca looks a little shy undressing in front of the camera. She has beautiful blue eyes and marvelous small body. Probably having second thoughts about posing nude? But she manages to undress in front of the window (lets hope someone was outside watching) and show us her pubes. An awesome video with Rebecca talking about her feelings on nude modelling, this being her first experience.

Abby Winters Rebecca pics
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Chloe and Jilly pleasure each other for hours

Abby Winters Chloe and Jilly
Jilly certainly has a determined look on her face, while Chloe B seems to be enjoying Jilly’s determination. The videos were awesome, of course. Both ladies are sexy and lovely in every way! Chloe and Jilly pleasure each other for hours! Both girls have done other girl-girl shoots with other models so there’s plenty to download. There are more free Abby Winters pictures of Chloe and Jilly with other girls on this website –
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Sophie has about the cutest face ever at AW

abby winters sophie t pictures
Sophie is another new model whose fair skin makes her a favourite of mine. I also love the big mop of hair framing her freckled face, the cute nose, her natural eyebrows, full lips and the big smile. And I think it will be a long time coming before I’m bored looking at a beautifully lithe youthful body like Sophie T’s. I think Sophie T has about the cutest face ever at AW and the videos reveal she has a really sexy voice as well so all the laughter and chat with Matilda was funny and entertaining to me. The videos only get to about ‘PG rated’ explicitness, although Sophie T’s reaction when Matilda tells her she masturbates 4 times a day is hilarious. As Matilda told us she is not a ” Dead Fish ” in bed … who would have thought she was? Total shoots: 3; 01h 03m 45s in 9 video clips; 950 images in 6 image sets. Check her out nude in the Pool Girls – do a search on

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Thin Alicia gets naked

Abby Winters Skinny Australian girls. I’m totally in shock! Alicia, what a beauty! Alicia is a perfect gem. A lovely face with very beautiful eyes and the most kissable pretty lips. I have a tag I use called slender and sexy, I used it on Alicia, as she is one very sexy young Aussie girl. Her all over tan sorta told us that Alicia was an outdoor gal and the revealing video interview confirmed it. She said she’s into camping and sex – and sometimes at the same time! This is an excellent first timer shoot. Skinny Alicia in all her beauty and her video is interesting, entertaining and exciting.
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Cleo and Larissa in an awesome unscripted girl on girl

Abby Winters Cleo and Larissa
Cleo and Larissa go very well together. The sequence where Cleo hands Larissa her panties in the Cafe is very erotic. Those big dark eyes of Cleo burning with passion as she stares at Larissa, Larissa utterly cool but the blushes over her body tell the true story. It’s just impossible not to be completely mesmerized by what you’re seeing. Love the finger banging and the ice cube on the pussy. These Aussie babes are very hot together and have a lot of chemistry. Cleo and Larrisa’s backstage video was worth the price of admission to Abby Winters. Cleo has 59 videos and 18 image sets (mostly girl girl action) and Larissa has 41 videos and 11 image sets (also a lot of girl-girl).
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Sahara is beautiful, classy looking and very sexy

free abby winters Sahara pictures
Sahara is so beautiful, classy looking and very very sexy. This is a truly outstanding shoot of a gorgeous girl. I think it has the best pussy shots ever and what an incredibly beautiful pussy this girl has. Check out her explicit girl on girl shoots with five different girls – Marietta, Julia, Hayden, Phoenix and Fotina. There are also several explicit masturbation videos – alone and alongside other girls.

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Chloe and Anneke nude girl on girl

abby winters chloe and anneke pics
Chloe said that it was the best shag she’d ever had. The pics were great, Chloe didn’t have time to get her panties off before Anneke dived right in! These two babes are so voluptuous and super hot together. Awesome video.Chloe’s orgasms could wake the dead. Thanks also for the backstage video. Chloe and Anneke have lots of other girl on girl, solo, masturbating and group nudity videos and picture sets to download.
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Screenprint girls fool around in the shower

Abby Winters screenprint girls
For me, the best part of Abby Winters Screenprint girls is when they jump in the bath tub and get hosed down by Carla. Love the girl in the middle with the curly hair and the blue hand print on her breast! Seven real amateur models folks – remember that! Siobhan said that the water was freezing towards the end and it made her nipples definately stick out! Check out the videos and all the other shoots these girls have done including girl on girl. The Australian girls are: Carla, Siobhan, Amy, Alison, Anita, Helen, Michelle. Do a serach on for more pics of these girls.
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Carla and Carly are frigging awesome together

Abby Winters Carla and Carly
This is frigging awesome! Skinny Carly and Carla go all out to please each other in this unscripted girl on girl action. Tongues in mouths, clits and nipple licking. Two finger fucking in the pussy. This is a Australian lesbian classic. Both girls have sex with other models, appear in group nudity and go solo with toys. Tons to download of these two horny Aussie amateurs. Abby Winters is not like other amateur websites because it really delivers exclusive fresh faces never seen before. Some returning to appear in intimate masturbating vids or a first time lesbian experience. The action is real and unscripted and these real amateurs are filmed by other girls so the atmosphere is friendly, intimate and exciting which is why the orgasms are real.
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Nandine naked in the rain

Abby Winters Nandine
Dutch amateur Nandine goes out in the rain and strips naked. Apparently, we’re informed by Maisie that it was this Dutch amateur’s idea. She looks awesome in natural light. Check out her body and her breasts, Puffy nipples. Oh man. tan lines, pretty smile, nice butt, and a fantastic personality. What more do you need? More Nandine pics on

Harper is an Aussie darling and totally sexy

Abby Winters Harper
This is a very sensual and provocative shoot. Harper is a beautiful young girl (18 y.o.). Sparkling blue eyes, long hair, long legs, great smile. This naked Australian girls has 13 videos and 1,725 images in 8 image sets including group nudity (step aerobic girls and window washing girls). Harper does show some pussy closeups in her other shoots.

Abby Winters Harper
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Sophia is so lovely even with her clothes on

Abby Winters Sophia
Australian girl Sophia is a fresh face with fine features, firm breast, fair skin and full natural bush. I’d go so far as to say Sophia has one of the most ideal hairy beavers on the Abby Winters website – full and furry without being wild and rambling (though that can work too) and such a lovely colour. After watching Sophia’s video, I’ve changed my mind a little bit. She’s fantastic!

Abby Winters Sophia
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Aussie couple Jamie and Luke fucking

Abby Winters Jamie and Luke
Jamie is gorgeous. A young, sexy, natural Aussie girl. The kind of girl, like Leigh and Anna and Felicity and Lex and Kirsty who make Abby Winters a unique site. She has no problem in being one of the first models to appear in Abby Winters hardcore shoots. This shoot done on her own bed at home. Check out all shoots including several girl on girl action. Do a search for Abby Winters Jamie here on
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Joannie and Caitlin get naked in the backyard

Abby Winters Caitlin and Joannie pictures
Two beautiful Aussie girls bouncing and stripping on a trampoline. Caitlin 19 years old and Joannie 18 years old. This was fun. Joannie is always a joy on screen. Little Caitlin is a pretty newcomer and a helluva good bouncer. I like the ending of the video with girls lying exhausted on the trampoline. Looks like the man on the roof in the background is having a ball as well watching these naked girls.Joannie has done several explicit girl on girl shoots with other AW models.
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Luna working on her pussy with several sex toys

Abby Winters Luna pics
Luna is gorgeous, she has a lovely smile and a great butt. Her face is really cute and her body is so hot! Awesome nipples too. Love the look on her face as she dildo’s her pussy. I’ve added 10 pics from the dressing room collection. I love full frontal nudity. Check out her other shoots.Black girl toying her pussy
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Ivana shows her playful personality and more

Abby Winters Ivana
Is Ivana full of personality or what? Not to mention devastatingly cute. One of my all time Abby Winters favorites. She’s just a bundle of energy, and what a great smile. Even laying in bed and being ‘calm’ she is kicking her feet up and down. Adorable and lovely. The toughest part for me was the start of video 3 – do I watch her expressive face or her awesome butt? 6 videos and images of Ivana to download to your PC and keep for life!
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Gloria loves anal sex

Abby Winters Gloria anal sex pictures
Impressive… Gloria is just so sexy. She is one of those girls where her anus really is like another pussy. Gloria has a perfect ass – and she loves to play with it. Check out her butt plug. Awesome body. She’s also made an explicit hardcore shoot with Marco (dude has a huge cock). I’ve never seen a woman squirt quite like that. Gloria has also been in explicit lesbian sex shoots with Sicilia and Claudia. Look out for some free picture galleries from the shoots on
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Aussie girl Sally is definitely a cutie

Abby Winters Sally
Girls just don’t come any better than this. Sally you are awesome with a beautiful smile, classic feminine body, no tatoos or piercings, and pussy hair. Sally P says in her video – “People don’t see me as the sort of person who would do this” – and this is the very reason I find this shoot and others like it at Abbywinters fascinating. She was charming and engaging talking in her videos – something I never thought I would say about a Sydney lawyer. The tour of her flawless body of course leads to the vagina – “It’s covered in hair at the moment and I really hate hair, I’m a fan of brazilians….I grew it specially for this”. And we certainly appreciated it.
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Narida could make me forget about blondes

Nude Asian girls
Wow, what a breathtaking beauty! Look at those eyes, that skin, that hair and that colourful dress….that all adds up to perfection. Add that exquisitely shaped mouth, and maybe that amounts to HYPERperfection. Never mind “poetry in motion”: Narida is poetry in stillness. Pure Eye candy that’s for sure!!! More, more, more! “Natural” isn’t common anymore so Narida’s natural bush, and natural eyebrows are a standout. Check out her other image sets and videos.

Abby Winters Narida pics
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Michaela exposes her hairy pussy

Abby Winters Michaela
First timer Michaela exposes her hairy pussy. She is a fantastic natural beauty with a perfect body as you can hopefully see in these pictures. She doesn’t have the girl next door look but the beautiful girl next door look. Blonde, blue-eyed, fair-skinned, perfect breasts, natural bush and a captivating eyes. Oh man. She looks at least as good in the video as in the stills – which is superb. After reading of her Latvian background I don’t know why but I wasn’t expecting to hear her Aussie accent. Not that there’s anything wrong with that and she sounds sharp, articulate and charming in her video. Michaela gets nude on the beach with some others in the Sunset Girls and has 1 hour 24 minutes of video and 813 images in 5 image sets.

Abby Winters Michaela pictures
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Carissa and Alex in a redhead girl on girl

Abby Winters Clarissa and Alex girl on girl
Carissa and Alex get naked for an intimate girl on girl. A beautiful pair of redheads, and Alex with a bush. The only thing better than one natural redhead, is two natural redheads. Check out their videos. Alex has also done some lesbian shoots with Patience, Nadine and Julia and she is also in the Pool Girls.
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Twelve naked Aussie girls in the pool

Abby Winters Pool Girls pictures
One hell of a great pool party! Abby, you’ve done it again. The girls are fantastic. So many girls … such a small pool. Abby, If you need a pool guy to test the waters for your next shoot, I will be glad to help you out. Over 500 pictures and three videos to download plus all the solo and lesbian shoots that most of these girls have appeared in on the abbywinters website.
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First timer Narida exposing her hairy pussy

Abby Winters Narida
Narida could even make me forget about blondes. There’s something of the mysterious east and its eroticism lurking behond some of those dark curly pubes. She is looking slightly stiff in this image set because it’s the first time she has ever done anything like this but she does return for another shoot. Check out her videos that go with the image sets and do a search for more pics. Do a search on for more free picture galleries of Narida.

Abby Winters Narida pics
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Skinny young Kylee strips and spreads

Abby Winters Kylee
It must have been a cool day for a shoot – poor Kylee seems to have goose-bumps on her breasts. What a doll! I love the part where we get a close up tour of her pretty little pussy. Oh man, I want to dive right in there! Great video. She has 9 videos and 1,092 images in 6 image sets. Check her out in the DIY girls – lesbian threesome (free gallery here on This skinny girl rocks!
Abby Winters Kylee pictures
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Felicity makes a comeback

Abby Winters Felicity
I think that Felicity’s hair has got a little redder since the last time we saw her. In this most recent redux of Felicity’s she once again comes out of her shell and flirts and teases with you through the camera lens, in an intensely sexual and innocently cute manner. You’ll find yourself willing this 19 year old amateur to remove the clothes that conceal her stunning features and lick-ably smooth skin. Of course she won’t disappoint you, but she’ll definitely have a cheeky little tease with you along the way. At the moment Felicity or ‘Flic’ as the members love to call her, has 1 hour 13 minutes of video and 597 images in 4 image sets. Get to know her better in her video interview. Nude Australian girl Felicity – total shoots: 5: 01h 51m 14s in 5 video clips. 766 images in 5 image sets.

Abby Winters Felicity pictures
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Five girls get naked washing windows

Abby Winters Window Washing Girls pictures
Five Aussie babes in a window washing-bubble fight that soon turns kinky! Christen, Harper, Courtney, Leisl, and Joannie. These are beautiful girls and what about those butts and breasts. A great fun video, a delight to watch from start to finish, including the amusing backstage. Lots of splashing, squeals and giggling as this improvised wet t shirt show where the girls get naked. I like the AW window cleaning service a lot. Check out the girls solo shots. Blonde 18 year old Joannie (far left – last picture) as also done a few lesbian shoots with rimming and anal play.
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Busty Simone gets naked under the trees

Abby Winters Simone pictures
Aussie girl Simone is a real cutie. Nice smile and very, very nice figure. An absolutely gorgeous model, beautifully photographed. That outdoor lighting… but that wasn’t all I was looking at. Cheerful, smiling, with a nice curvy body. She sure looks like she’s enjoying herself, and not very shy showing her naked body. Tremendous face, tremendous sense of fun, tremendous breasts!

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Nicola has the whole package

Abby Winters Nicola
Legs up to her butt, perfect cheeks, great breasts, perky nipples, wonderful smile!She’d got the “whole package” going on! This sexy girl next door model is a classic beauty. I have to talk about her breasts. It’s simply hard to match Nicola’s pair. As she has said herself, “Yes, they’re real, and they’re spectacular!” I think this is the most fitting use of a ‘Seinfeld’ quote ever. And of course her nipples are outstanding.

Abby Winters Nicola
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Yara and Anahi explicit girl on girl

Abby Winters lesbian pictures
Two of the most incredibly sexy girls on AW in an explicit, unscripted girl on girl. As expected, the video is very special! Anahi and Yara are so pretty and clearly loved giving each other pleasure.The girls are so good at touching and rubbing each other, and they each make sure their new friend gets just what she needs. When they are lying on the kitchen floor, Yara instructs Anahi to move her rubbing fingers a bit to left, which brings on a very hot orgasm. Anahi looks amazing as she keeps her extraordinarily pretty eyes locked on Yara’s face as she cums. Anahli has also done explicit nude girl on girl shoots with Gisela, Maylin and Nora. Yara (girl with glasses) has done explicit girl on girl shoots with Gretchen, Rosa, Lulu, Gala, Noa, Dahlia, Renae and Kenji.
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Aletta and Klara have some very sexy orgasms

Abby Winters Aletta and Klara
Aletta and Klara couldn’t get enough of each other, judging from the 69, tribbing and handstand sex and the video is off-the-charts hot. They have had some very sexy orgasms in their masturbation shoots, and I’m sure the excitement of making your best friend cum on camera should add to the thrill of the sex! Aletta on the left has enjoyed explicit lesbian sex with other girls and also fucked her boyfriend on Abby Winters. Do a search now!

abbywinters aletta and klara
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Giselle is one smokin’ hot babe

Abby Winters Giselle peeing
Giselle is a very pretty woman so natural looking. She manages simultaneously to be very classy and very rude. Kind of reminds me of the old saying “When she was good she was very good, but when she was bad she was better.” Love it when she sticks her finger in her butt and I’m not a pee fan but I know some of you like to see girls pissing. The dildo was sent to her by an Abby Winters member. Giselle has 60 videos and 3,414 images in 16 image sets includung masturbating and girl on girl action with several Abby Winters models. This Aussie babe is wild!
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Anjali pulls down her panties and spreads her legs

Abby Winters Anjali pictures
Anjali is beautiful and lovely in face, body and also mind and has a lovely spirit and warmth which comes across in the videos. Petite and toned Anjali demonstrates her flexibility as she stretches and strips, building up to a nude yoga session. Her firm, shapely limbs flex effortlessly as she grasps her bare feet to kiss her toes. Check out her nude girl on girl sex videos with other AW models.

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Maia masturbating with a spoon

Abby Winters Maia pictures
I know one thing: Maia turn men ( and women) Crazy! Waw what a girl!! Fanastic. WE get to see the kinky side of Maia in this shoot. Masturbating with a spoon and clips on her nipples and pussy lips. She is just so sweet and cute and lovable, and a great storyteller, too. I loved hearing about her nude beach adventure. Check out Monica enjoying sex with her boyfriend in an explicit Abby Winters hardcore shoot.

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Sarah is so cute she puts Bambi to shame

Abby Winters Sarah
Aussie girl Sarah is so cute she puts Bambi to shame. I dont understand how she manages to be so perfect. Sarah is amazing with her eyes and infectious smile. A newbie pulling down her panties and exposing her hairy beaver for the first time and only at Abby Winters. Shy, sexy, Sarah is a sweetheart in her debut video.

Abby Winters Sarah pictures

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Ollie and Sasha in steamy unscripted girl boy action

Abby Winters Sasha
Ollie treats Sasha to some oral and anal play as she licks and sucks his stiff cock. It’s nice to see anal sex done like this, the Abby Winters way, without the roughness we see in the mainstream. I thought amateur couple Sasha and Ollie made a really hot shoot. Certainly something for everyone’s taste in there including anal sex. Sasha has nearly 5 hours of video (14 videos) and 884 images in 6 image sets to download at the moment. The Abby Winters girl boy shoots are awesome and remember there’s videos!
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Giselle and Julia are simply awesome together

Abby Winters Giselle and Julia
Well done girls !!APPLAUSE!! !!HOLLA!! !!APPLAUSE!! you two are simply awesome!! But there’s one thing that’s seriously missing. Me? Not only pics but a stunning video of these two in action. Nice eh? Giselle has enjoyed herself at Abby Winters and has done several girl-girl shoots. She has 60 videos and 3,414 images in 16 image sets whilst Julia has has also done her share of girl on girl, intimate masturbating etc. and has 42 videos and 1,803 images in 13 image sets. Two amazing amateur Aussie babes who seem to have made their second home at Abby Winters.

Abby Winters Giselle and Julia lesbian pics
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Pretty Darcy has that awesome girl next door appeal

Abby Winters darcy
Darcy is delicious! She has a mixture of sexiness and girl next door appeal. The videos are worth watching. I enjoyed listening to her girl on girl experiences and the way she feels about the shoots and other sex related matters too. She has done explicit girl on girl shoots with 4 other AW models. Abby Winters is not like other amateur websites because it really delivers exclusive fresh faces never seen before. Some returning to appear in intimate masturbating vids or a first time lesbian experience. The action is real and unscripted and these real amateurs are filmed by other girls so the atmosphere is friendly, intimate and exciting which is why the orgasms are real.

Abby Winters Darcy toying picture
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Limo girl Ollie playful striptease and pussy closeup

Abby Winters Limo girl Ollie pics
Yes, Ollie looks great. She’s another from Abby Winters Limo Girls. She can’t help being anything else but playful if she’s wearing Peanuts knickers. Well she did it again, jumping, bending, making faces, showing her beautiful body, taking clothes off, putting them on again. She’s having a hell of a time doing the shoot and it really shows in her face. Looking at Ollie is a real treat. Thank you Ollie. Just watched the vids. Wow, that girl is undeniably flexible, and funny. I enjoyed all of those movements that most cant do. It’s a pleasure to watch Ollie. Check her out in the Limo Girls.

Abby Winters Ollie pics
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First timer Arienne strips naked

Abby Winters Arienne pictures
First timer Arienne strips naked for Abby Winters in Australia. Gorgeous eyes, hair, lips, smallish tits, natural bush and just the right amount of pit fuzz! Yummm!! Arienne is an absolute godess! Arienne ticks all the boxes. She’s an absolute stunner. She ticks all my boxes, brunette, long hair, beautiful eyes, full lips, curves, small breasts, pubes and a perfect bum. Oh, and she’s wearing a checked shirt. Yes, I know, weird fetish. Arienne’s video surpasses even her outstanding stills set – charisma, presence, whatever you like to call it, she’s got it. AW member ‘Netherlands’ says she’s Belgian, AW member ‘Casgrain’ says she’s French – anyway, I can’t help but love the accent.

Abby Winters Arienne pictures
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Canadian Faye backpacking around Australia

Naked Canadian teenager Faye
Faye set is so natural. Lying in the river and then standing up with her wet panties clinging to her every part of her body. This 18 year old Canadaian teenager backpacking around Australia taking time out to pose nude. Great tan lines, bush, freckles and I love the wet hair look. Check out her behind the scenes pictures in the backstage section of
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